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Garda Review was established in 1923, a year after the force originated. It is now the longest established magazine in Ireland. Those with the vision at the time to create a magazine for the new An Garda Síochána are to be complimented; in their foresight they were preparing the way for a modern society that does seldom represents the views of Gardaí especially those on the frontline.

The magazine now contains more concentrated editorial and appropriate advertising content in a full colour, fully illustrated format and distributed in opaque tamper-proof security polythene.

Garda Review does not cold—call advertisers — especially small businesses. Our commercial supporters and sponsors are affiliated companies, with some businesses who want to target their products and services specifically at Gardaí.

Advertising support and member subscriptions are vital to the survival of the magazine that is not run for profit, but to provide a forum for ideas; the new Garda Review provides an independent voice for members to present their side of any story. It has become the voice of the membership — both individually and collectively. Those who want to silence Gardaí would prefer the Garda Review disappears. Despite the efforts of some to deny good commentary for An Garda Síochána, it is there for all to read and all to see, and has been that way since 1923.

Members in 1928 paid sixpence for each issue; in 1968 they paid two shillings and sixpence to have their voice heard. Serving members today subscribe to be part of the magazine’s progress. Now, for just €1 per week, members can have it delivered to their door — with all the benefits — keeping the tradition, their origins and the historic developments of their predecessors and maintaining the right to an independent voice to tell their story.

The Garda Review gives you a voice in politics and to the media that is strong and loud. The GRA editorial in the magazine is a vehicle to disseminate our core message on any and every issue to the key players in the policing of this country. As such, we have control over this message; unfiltered and without the framing of adverse commentary.

Why the Garda Review Matters? 

Police forces and military staff associations have maintained their magazines because it is often the only voice they have in a world where government and management propaganda manipulates public opinion against their rights as individual workers.

Garda Review commissions and prints news, features and opinions that won’t be found anywhere else — and this educates and informs the political elite as well as working journalists. It acts as a window for the outside world and a voice for members.

Your Voice: You would miss it if you didn’t have it.

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