Garda Benevolent Trust Fund

Garda Benevolent Trust Fund

by GRA

The following benefits are payable by the Trust Fund:

  • On death of a member € 3,000
  • On death of a spouse € 3,000
  • On death of a widow € 3,000
  • On death of a child to max of € 3,000
  • Orphans allowance € 3,000

The Company derives its main income from:

  • (a) Subscriptions from members of the Force
  • (b) Donations from members of the public.
  • (c) Functions run throughout the country by members.
  • (d) Court Orders

Educational Loan Scheme

The Company operates an Educational Loan Scheme which provides financial assistance for children of members of the Trust Fund who are in third level education. The maximum loan per student is €4,000 per academic year. The Fund also operates a Holiday Home Scheme for members of the Trust Fund who have children with special needs.

Membership of the Company is €1.27 per week. On retiring from the Force, membership may be continued on payment of a subscription of €300.00. This will discharge in full members’ obligations to the Trust Fund.

Garda Retirement Home

The Company provides 3 Retirement Home at Raheny House, 476 Howth Rd., Raheny, Dublin 5.Te|. 01 831 1199. The Home is registered as required by the Health (Nursing Home) Act, 1990. This means that relief of income tax will be available in respect of payments for maintenance in the Home.

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Contact Garda Benevolent Trust Fund

Address: Garda Benovelent Trust Fund, Floor 4,
Phibsboro Tower, Dublin 7
  Phone: 01 – 8307155
  Fax: 01 – 8307017
Secretary: John Brosnan