by GRA

Representation is the key Service provided by the Association. The following is an outline of the structures through which this Service is provided:

District Committees

District Committees deal with issues arising at Station and District level. Under the Memorandum of Understanding issues are initially addressed locally with the District Officer. Only matters that cannot be resolved in this way are taken to the next level.

Divisional Committees

Divisional Committees address matters common to each District within a Division and issues not resolved at District level. Each Divisional representative is a Delegate to Annual Conference.

Annual General Meetings

A.G.M’s are held in each District each November where all association members are entitled to attend. A.G.M.’s formulate motions for consideration for inclusion on the agenda of the subsequent Annual Conference.

Central Executive Committee

Is responsible for the steering of the organisation on a national basis and for initiating policy between Conferences and pursues matters through the various CEC Sub- Committees / Working Parties / Garda Conciliation Council / Consultative Council and Commissioners Meetings

Annual Conference

Comprising Divisional Committee Delegates is the primary policy- making body of the Association.

Membership of St Paul’s Med Aid / Benevolent Trust Fund / Membership of External / Foreign GroupsAnnual Conference

The Association has nominees on the boards of both St. Paul’s Garda Medical Aid Society & the Garda Benevolent Trust Fund as well as external National & European bodies.

Officers / Secretariat

The General Secretary, Deputy & Assistant have responsibility for the day to day running of the organisation and together with the President, Vice-President & Treasurer form the Officer Board.